The Facts of Durian Fruit

There are many people hate durian, just because the smell. You can really smell the fruit without opening the husk. But there are also many people who love durian, because of the delicious taste. The name ‘Durian’ comes from Indonesian language, where ‘duri’ means thorn. It’s a very suitable name to describe the outside look of the fruit. The first document that mentioned the name durian was made in 15th century.

There are many types of durian fruit. It has many shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. In Southeast Asia, as the origin place of durian, you can find all of those types. The common color is yellowish, but you can also find red-colored durian fruit. Durian plants grow easier in tropical territories. Durian plants grow in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Northern Australia, and some parts of America. It’s a seasonal fruit that you might not find it in certain period of time. The facts are durian has many benefits and eminences. It’s a good source of energy and contains many useful vitamins and minerals. The development of technology and method makes it possible for you to enjoy durian with many types of serving. People are so creative that they try to produce a lot of food products by using durian. You can have durian ice cream, durian dodol, durian milkshake, and many other food products.

Now, you don’t have to open the husk by yourself, because you can easily find durian fruit on the supermarkets, which already put in plastic. It has already mentioned that you can’t only enjoy the durian as a fruit, but also as many kinds of food products. Try one and you will understand why this fruit becomes one of the most favorite fruits in Southeast Asia.